What’s cooking?

You often ask us what will be the next product or if there will be an upgrade for a specific product soon. Usually the answer is “we can’t say”. We’re not working with fixed timelines on projects to make sure a product is really ready before we’re releasing it. Often this requires a lot of tweaking and lots of prototypes. For complex products like the upcoming Amp100 we might even add a public beta phase to get feedback from users outside our team to further improve hardware and/or software. Sometimes, we feel that a specific product doesn’t fit and it might not be released at all. There is a huge box with prototypes in our office – some did not make it into a product at all.

Today, there is one of these rare sneak peeks into our lab:

Looks like quite a lot of channels and a DSP on it. We plan to also do a public beta test of this product. To make sure you do not miss any updates, make sure you subscribe to new blog posts.

January 7, 2021

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