Reboot Magazine about HiFiBerry

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 16.56.15The Croatian Reboot magazine just came out with a Raspberry Pi Special, featuring HiFiBerry. If you don’t speak Croatian like us, here is the translation:

Better sound
Raspberry’s audio chip is good enough if you haven’t got high expectations or music recorded in more than 48 kHz, but what if you want more? Thanks to the open design you can upgrade your Pi. There are more than couple of companies that do audio add-ons, but there is only one community darling – Swiss Modul 9 and their HiFiBerry.

They offer couple of products (for models A and B, and A+ and B+): HiFiBerry DAC+ is digital-analogue converter that is capable of audio reproduction recorded up to 192 kHz/24-bit so you won’t run into audio file that it can’t chew. Digi+ is just a transport towards external DAC (if you already have one in you audio system). Best of all, add-ons are already assembled , you just “click” them on your Raspberry Pi, use the distribution of your choise like Volumio (or Rasbmc), enable one option and you’re good to go. And last, the newest addition, is amplifier Amp+ (class D for people who know amplifier classification); it can reproduce audio files recorded in up to 48 kHz, but it can deliver 25 W of power towards your speakers. The nice thing is, it is powered with its own power supply that also feeds Raspberry Pi so you can get rid of the USB charger.

Although there are more companies that make additional audio cards for Raspberry, absolutely all audio/video distributions recommend HiFiBerry.

February 9, 2015

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