Looking for beta testers for the Amp100

We know that some users are looking for something that’s a bit more flexible or powerful than the Amp2, but don’t need everything the Beocreate 4-channel amplifier offers. Here’s what you’re looking for:

The new Amp100 combines the DAC+ Pro (including the dual-domain clock circuit) and a powerful 100W-per-channel power stage. It can also be equipped with our DSP add-an board for application like room-equalisation. When equipped with the DSP add-on, it also offers SPDIF inputs and outputs. Note that without the DSP-addon, these connectors will have no function.

Why do we do a beta test? First, we’re still working on some driver tweaks. We’re also looking for feedback on the DSP integration. The hardware is ready today, if there are no unexpected problems during the beta test phase, the hardware of the final board will be exactly the same. However, there might be minor tweaks in hardware and/or software coming in the next time. Beta testers will also be able to benefit from these improvements.

Is there a risk for you? We will extend our normal 1-month money-back-guarantee to 3 months for this board. If you’re not happy with it, you can easily return it to us. Please check our money-back-guarantee for more details.

Interested? You can just order it directly from our shop. Note that the board isn’t available from any reseller during this test phase.

November 12, 2020

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