Use your HiFiBerry as an output device for the Amazon Echo

Amazons Echo is quite popular. Especially if you have Hue Lights or another Home automation solutions that is supported, it can be really fun to use it to turn on your lights. But it can also act as a music player. However, the Echo Dot was not designed as a standalone audio player, therefore the sound “quality” is quite bad. The Echo Dot features a line output. But the Raspberry Pi does not have an analoge input connector. Luckily the Echo also allowes to send the output via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth enabled system. Bluetooth audio on the Raspberry Pi can be quite challenging to set up. Therefore we have created a small guide how to configure LibreElec for this specific use case. This will not only work with the Amazon Echo, but with any Bluetooth audio transmitter. This means you can also use it to stream music from your mobile phone or tablet.

Connecting an Amazon Echo to your Raspberry Pi with LibreElec via Bluetooth)

March 22, 2017

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