When Passion Meets Technology


At the end of 2019 Swedish tech company Elk released an open-source version of their award winning Elk Audio OS for Raspberry Pi. In short, Elk Audio OS allows you to run existing VST (and other plugin formats) on hardware at real time latency levels, opening up for new generation music instruments and audio devices.

With the existing Elk Pi kit targeted at the pro developer community, they have seen a need for a more straightforward entry level hardware to complement it. We are therefore very happy to announce, that Elk Audio OS open-source story partners up with HiFiBerry and support for our  line of Raspberry Pi audio sound cards.

Elk Audio OS is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3b / 3b+ & 4. Supported HiFiBerry products are the DAC+ ADC, DAC+ ADC pro and can be ordered at here. For software download, please follow this link

More information and how to download and get started working with Elk Audio OS can be found at



April 29, 2020

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