The winners of the 3D design contest

The contest has been sponsored by:

Thanks for everybody who send in their projects for the HifiBerry 3D Design contest. We are very excited to announce the winners but also want to share the other projects sent in, because they are all nicely done and we hope they inspire your by building with HifiBerry.

Winner of the 500$ voucher from 3DMakerWorld:

Stackable Cases by Christian Huchler


2nd prize – a full HiFiBerry kit:

Alain Lowet – Hexacreate 


3rd prize – a full HiFiBerry kit

Case for RPI3 + HiFiBerry DAC+ by Stamos Pravitas

Other projects sent in:

The car scaling project by Jan Wolter 

Cheese Case by Christoph Stahl 

Childbox by Andrey Gorkovenko

Kitchenbox by Maxime Miguel-Brebion

Case for RPI4 + HiFiBerry DAC+ by Carsten Pawliczek

Speakerbox by Petrus Gartler 

Swedish style home speaker by Romain Coulon

Thanks again to all entries, our incredible jury and of course,, who sponsored this contest.

October 29, 2019

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