HiFiBerryOS becomes more user-friendly

While we heard that many people liked HiFiBerryOS, it was also a bit complicated to configure WiFi or enable/disable services. This becomes much easier now. The new HiFiBerryOS release comes with a completely new user interfaces that allows you to configure it. It will also show you what’s playing and enable you to control volume or skip songs – independent of the music source your using!

This new release would not have been possible without the great work from our friends from B&O Beocreate. That’s also good news for our Beocreate users: HiFiBerryOS now comes with all Beocreate features integrated. You can select the profiles for your speaker in the guided setup process. If you’re just using it with a HiFiBerry DAC+, Digi+ or Amp2, you don’t have to care for this as you won’t even notice it.

But we shouldn’t write too much here. It’s best to have a look at the UI to see how fantastic it looks:







Check out our setup and Wifi configuration guides – it’s really easy to use the new HiFiBerryOS. You can download the newest version on our HiFiBerryOS page.

October 31, 2019

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