HiFiBerry Holiday Box

The holiday season is coming up and we have something special for you! We teamed up with our software partner Max2Play and created a ready to go box, perfect to treat yourself with a DIY project or to give it away to somebody who is interested in DIY audio.

To make it the perfect gift, we wrapped everything up in a classy black box, perfect for the holiday season:

The HiFiBerry holiday box contains:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • HiFiBerry AMP2
  • 12V 6A power supply with EU plug
  • 16GB SD Card with 2years software license from Max2Play including full customer support
  • Plastic case that protects your setup
  • Booklet with two step-by-step-guides including two different projects (languages: German and English)

An here is how it looks, when you open it:

It includes everything to make a pair of passive speakers really happy. The system can be setup with your computer, tablet or even with your phone. We still recommend an ethernet cable for optimized network connection. We also added two step-by-step tutorials. The first tutorial describes how to set up a smart music system, multiroom capabilities, alarm and home automation features.  The second tutorial explains how to create a mobile music player you can take everywhere you want. The tutorials are written in German and English. But of course there a lot of possibilities for audio setups beside this, check our gallery or guides page for more ideas.

Max2Play will give you full support if you have questions during the installation process.

To top it all off, we also added a gift card for you. Enjoy your holidays and enjoy your sound!

The box is currently available at Max2Play and RPISHOP.CZ

… more to come.

November 20, 2018

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