Something completely different

As some of you might know, we have deal with flying animals before. We know that there are people using the DAC+ ADC Pro to record ultrasonic sounds from bats. Others have used our hardware to study auditory perception. Now, I want to show a small project that doesn’t involve a Pi at all. Earlier this year, I have placed a nesting box close to our HiFiBerry Switzerland office. About one month ago, a pair of European blue tits moved in. After almost 3 weeks to build a nest and another week to lay 8 eggs, the female started breeding today. We expect the first young to hatch in about 2 weeks.

Why do we post this here? There’s a webcam in the nesting box and you can follow what’s going on. We thought, it might be interesting for some readers even if no Raspberry Pi and HiFiBerry board is involved in this project. If you want to learn more about these birds have a look at Wikipedia.

P.S. As this is based in Switzerland, you will have the best view during daylight time in Europe.

April 12, 2021

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