Small never sounded so good: The HiFiBerry AMP+ is out!

ampplus-top-600x600We are more than happy to announce, that the HiFiBerry AMP+ is finally released and available in our webshop since last weekend. Because the digital-to-analog converter is already included, the HiFiBerry AMP+ provides amazing sound quality on a very small surface and is directly attachable to two 4-8 Ohm speakers.

It’s compatible with the Raspberry A+/B+ and easy to attach in less then one minute without any soldering.

Because the AMP+  needs only one single power supply for the Raspberry Pi and the Amplifier board, its appearance is very slim and elegant.

It’s perfect to built multiroom audio systems. The only thing you have to decide is, if you want to show it or hide it.

December 15, 2014

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