The Raspberry Pi Zero

Many of you have already heard about the new Raspberry Pi Zero—a Raspberry Pi that costs only $5. Are our HiFiBerry boards compatible? We couldn’t test it yet, but according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, all existing boards should be compatible, as it uses the same 40-pin header and the same processor as the old Raspberry Pi.


However, before you get too excited about saving some money, also note that the device doesn’t come with any network connectivity. Most likely you’ll need this for your setup. This means you have to hook up a USB WiFi adapter or a USB-to-Ethernet bridge. As the board is too small to feature a full-size USB port, you’ll also need a USB adapter cable. And you’ll need to add the 40-pin header. In the past, we saw some people have difficulties soldering the small 8-pin header to the old Raspberry Pi. The 40-pin header is an even bigger challenge for people who don’t solder very often.

November 26, 2015

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