i2Audio’s Phono One

Unfortunately, we can’t do everything. There are some products you need to integrate additional devices into your HiFiBerry setup. One device that we see regularly in HiFiBerry multi-room setups is a turntable. We love Vinyl! However, you can’t directly connect it to an input of the DAC+ ADC Pro as turntables requires an additional pre-amplifier. We were looking for a high-quality device that offers great value – as you know it from HiFiBerry boards. And here it is: The German company i2Audio created a small but well-sounding phono pre-amplifier called Phono One.

While it might look simple, there’s a lot of interesting stuff in this design. Low-tolerance metal-film capacitors for filtering not only account for very low distortions but also a very good match of the RIAA correction curve within +/-1dB. While the amplifier is designed to work with MM pickups, you can use it with an additional MC pre-preamplifier or an 1:10 MC input transformer with MC pickups. Want to try it with some Lundahl input transformers? Why not! They might cost more than the Phono One. However, the Phono One is too good to use cheap input transformers with it.

You don’t believe that it really sound that good? We offer our HiFiBerry money-back-guarantee also for the Phono One!

May 12, 2020

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