The new Amp4 is here

The Amp2 has been our most popular amplifier for a long time. However, customers asked regularly why it can’t be combined with our DSP add-on as many DACs and the Digi2 Pro. The reason: Is was designed before we were even thinking about the DSP add-on. While we the Beocreate 4-channel amplifier has the DSP already integrated and the Amp100 could be equipped with the DSP add-on, the small Amp2 was missing this option.

But now, it’s here: The new Amp4.

The main difference is the option to add our DSP add-on to this board. Especially with an integrated system like this, a DSP is an option that helps to adjust the sound of your speakers to your room and your personal preferences.

The Amp4 is available in our online shop and at most official HiFiBerry resellers.  The Amp2 is will still be available for some time for users who are sure they will never need the DSP add-on.

September 15, 2023

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