Joining the MusicHackDay Berlin 2014

As passionate music lovers, we had to join the Music Hackday Berlin this year. During the 24h hackathlon, people where asked to work on projects around music hacks, using APIs of HackdayPartners, e.g. Spotify, amazonappstore, Deezer or ickstream.

IMG_6931 relaxingTrafoPop_wining_ickstream

The event was well organized and offered a hardware lab next to a other working areas and a tasty catering.

It probably comes also back to this good working surounding as well as the participation of incredibly creative and talented people, that we were able to see some amazing presentations on saturday afternoon.

We were extremely entertained by the DubStep Pendulum, that allows the user a 3D sound experience by connecting movement with DubStep music.


We also saw a great presentation of Rahel Kraska who brought street music to the screen, using a musical web app with the digital front singer Rahel Comic Girl.

But our two day highlight was TrafoPop, who won the ickstream prize, containing two Raspberry Pis including the HiFiBerry DAC Module and cases. The TrafoPop team used the HiFiBerry DAC for setting up a up their audio trailer to sonicate the streets of Berlin with music during their famous bike tours.

Next to the ickstream prize the crew from Berlin won the WTF Award, that specially honors people who are doing projects that make you think… right … What the …

To read more about the event go on:

Here you find all projects, developed through the hackathlon

September 8, 2014

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