New Support Forum

We want to bring you not only the best audio quality for your Raspberry Pi, but the best customer support. And this includes the best way to share your ideas and projects with each other.

To improve the communication within the HiFiBerry community, we’ve set up a new support and community web page:

While we were able to copy all discussions from our forum and all usernames, we couldn’t use the existing passwords. The reason is simple: We store passwords only in an encrypted (hashed) format and don’t know your passwords for security reasons. So you’ll have to reset your password on the web site to post to our new community forum. Note that this won’t change your password on our website. The sites use different user databases. We are working to improve this system, but it might take a while.

We hope you like our new community forum. Help us improve it by posting your feedback here.

October 30, 2015

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