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One thing we like very much about our community is the feedback about product ideas. Unfortunately, we can’t implement everything you’re looking for. But I hope from time to time, we can make at least some of you happy with a new product announcement.
One request we heard already for some time, was to add an analogue audio input to the Raspberry Pi. And here it is – the DAC+ ADC. The DAC+ ADC combines the high-quality audio output of the HiFiBerry DAC+ with and additional high-resolution analogue input. The input supports all sample rates that are already supported on the DAC+. That means you can not only playback music with up to 192kHz sample rates, but also record it with up to 192kHz/24bit.

There are lots of things you can do with it. We’re looking forward to your projects, but we want to show you some of the ideas about what we would do with it:

  • Use the Raspberry Pi as an audio processor for musicians. Many Zynthian users are already using the HiFiBerry DAC+ in their Zynthian box, with the DAC+ ADC you can now do a lot more. You could create you own audio processors using MOD-UI.
  • Connect your Echo Dot to the Raspberry Pi. Wile we like the voice control features of Amazon’s Alexa, the sound output quality is quite bad. But there is an analogue output on the Echo Dot. Just connect it to the input of the DAC+  ADC and look it to your amplifier to enjoy high-quality sound output.
  • Build your own Karaoke machine. The new audio input module does not only feature a stereo input, but also an integrated pre-amplifier. That means you can connect a pair of dynamic microphones to it.

Do you have more ideas? Let us know. Post your projects in our community area!

As the product is very new, most likely your existing Raspbian installation doesn’t include with the required drivers. As compiling and installing a new Linux kernel isn’t for everyone, we have created a small script that help you with this on Raspbian-based systems.

The boards has so many features, that we can’t show everything here. Have a look at the data sheet and buy it in our shop.

November 12, 2018

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