More new features in HiFiBerryOS

Since our last blog post a lot of new features have been included in HiFiBerryOS. Let’s have a look:

Room equalization optimizer

That’s a huge feature. You can not only measure the frequency response at your listening position, but also have HiFiBerryOS calculate correction filters for you. Note that while the measurement works with any sound cards, corrections require a DSP-enabled sound card.

Have a look at the documentation for more information on this.

Equalizer support fro Non-DSP sound cards

While the extremely flexible parametric equalizers require a DSP-equipped sound card, we’ve added a simple 10-band graphic equalizer that works with non-DSP sound cards.


Interact is a simple action engine similar to services like IFTT.

There aren’t many triggers and actions integrated yet, but we expect this to grow. We invite users to engage in the development of additional triggers and actions as we simply won’t be to develop all kinds of triggers and actions you might be interested in. HiFiBerryOS is open source – please help us to integrate more features!

UPnP/DLA renderer

HiFiBerryOS can now play music from DLNA servers. As HiFiBerryOS does’t have any user interface integrated for DLNA, you need to use a DLNA control point e.g. mconnect for iOS devices. There are plenty of applications available for this. While we can’t test it by ourself, users have reported that this also works with Qobuz.

Automatic updates

HiFiBerryOS can now download and install updates automatically. With the April release you can even switch back to the previous release directly via the GUI if and update isn’t working as expected.

April 27, 2020

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