Changes in shipping

Customs processing has been quite slow in the last time in many countries. The growth of online shopping – especially during the last 12 months seems to have impacted lots of postal services. I hope this will improve now as we changed our shipping system to now allow electronic data transfer of the customs declarations. This means every package has a barcode that the customs authorities only have to scan and they should be able to automatically process the shipment. We hope that this will improve shipping times.
However, there are some strange things about it. It felt like 1990 when we heard that for these, only latin characters are allowed and not even accents. Would you expect this in 2021? Probably not, but it seems some systems still being in use by postal services and customs are very, very old. Therefore, we need to convert addresses. Don’t wonder why the label shows Kobenhavn instead of København or Gunter instead of Günther. We’re still investigating if this can be improved in the future.

As of today, we will also stop shipping to Sweden with the normal postal service. Swedish customs regularly reject packages that come with a full customs declaration for all kinds of reasons or the customs processing takes forever (we have heard from shipments that took almost 2 months for customs processing). We only offer TNT shipping to Sweden now. We know that this might be too expensive for many customers, but that’s the only reliable option we can offer today. You might check with one of our resellers in the EU.

April 9, 2021

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