New case options – not only for the Pi5

We’re excited to announce several new additions to our product lineup!

First, we’re introducing two small products: the new backplates for the DAC+ DSP and the DAC8x. Our Pi5 steel case already includes backplates for our DACs, Digis, and Amps. Now, you can also use it with the DAC8x and the DAC+ DSP. This means all of our HAT-sized sound cards are compatible with this versatile steel case. Plus, you don’t need to purchase a new case when changing the card.

Next, we have a more substantial offering: an XLR steel case for the Pi5.

And finally, a new case for the Pi4. We recognize that the Pi4 remains highly popular due to its lower cost and energy consumption compared to the newer Pi5, while still being sufficiently powerful for many applications. To enhance its flexibility, we’ve introduced a universal steel case for the Pi4.

Our original steel cases for the Pi4 will remain available while supplies last.

July 4, 2024

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