Tools to tag your music collection

When you load your local music library with HiFiBerryOS, you might notice that some files are not shown. Instead of dealing with file names as other music players do, HiFiBerryOS only uses the file metadata to display your library. That means, all your files should have correct artist, album and song title tags.
If you ripped your CDs 15 years ago already, they might not be tagged correctly as it simply was a lot of manual work. We know of lots of people that just created a directory structure like Artist/Album/Song. Fortunately, tagging today is quite easy as there are lots of good tools available. This post will show some of these:


While only available for Windows, this is my personal favorite. It can use Discogs and Musicbrainz, but it can also use file names or directory structures and use these to extract metadata.

MusicBrainz Picard

This is a real multi-platform software that’s available for all major operating systems. It can not just use MusicBrainz’s database, but also analyze the content of files using AcoustID. While it takles some time, this can help with the identification of larger collections.

This is the tools for the command line geeks. While it can do similar things as the tools shown above, it doesn’t come with a GUI. Some users might find this helpful, others might not like it. If you’re used to work on the command line, have a look at this.

Any other recommendations? Please post your experience in our community area. We’ll add more tools here based on your recommendations.



December 27, 2020

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