HiFiBerry sound cards on the Pi5

Compared to previous Pi’s, the Pi5 hardware has changed dramatically. While in previous versions, basically all Pi’s shared the same I/O hardware, this has been changed in the Pi5. This has some implications on the drivers.

A major difference between the Pi4 and Pi5 is the sound interface. This “I2S” hardware can run in different clock configurations. Earlier Pi’s could change the configuration on-the-fly, while the Pi5 only support two modes: master and slave. Unfortunately the system can’t switch between these on the fly anymore.

This creates a problem with the hifiberry-dacplus and hifiberry-dacplusadcpro overlays that are written into the EEPROM of the card. These fail to load when using it with some sound cards.The overlay siles that come with the Linux kernel are already updated and use the correct settings. To make sure, these are used, you need to disable the use of the onboard EEPROM:

Now, you can configure the driver with the correct overlay using our configuration guide.

January 8, 2024

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