New HiFiBerryOS release

A year ago we started to build our own distribution. Why? Because we missed something from existing distributions. HiFiBerryOS is designed to use minimal resources and configure your HiFiBerry sound card automatically. So, you only have to write the image to an SD card and boot from it. No configuration is needed! There is also no web interface. While you can login to the system via SSH, this isn’t needed. The services are active automatically and you can use these to stream music from your PC, mobile phone, Logitech media server or Spotify.

With the new release, we upgraded the software, but also completely changed the system design to make it more robust. This took us a lot longer than expected, but finally, the new version is here.

The following services are supported out-of-the-box:

  • Airplay 1
  • Bluetooth
  • Squeezelite
  • Spotify

Also included is an mpd instance. However, this isn’t used yet. We plan to use it in the future to provide a list of web radios.

HiFiBerryOS also includes our DSPToolkit. You can use it to program your HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP or Beocreate amplifier.

As the system is a custom build for specific hardware, it is only available for the Raspberry Pi 3 at the moment (A+, B, B+). However, we plan to release a version for the Pi4 and even the Pi Zero soon. We did a lot of testing, but there might still be small bugs. It would help us a lot to hear your feedback. Just have a look, test it and post your feedback in our forum.

Download the latest version

August 28, 2019

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