Adding more functionalities to HiFiBerryOS using Docker

We listen to you! While most users are perfectly fine with the limited feature set of HiFiBerryOS, we had to tell you that adding functionalities requires packaging them as a buildroot package and building your own release. That’s quite complex. With the last release of 2020 (20201213), HiFiBerryOS became for flexible. You can now run additional software in Docker containers.
Have a look at the documentation on Github. You can also find an examples how to run Logitech Media Server in a container. Feel free to post questions in the community area.
Note that adding a lot of additional software can slow down the Pi and also have negative effects on music playback. We wouldn’t recommend to run lots of additional software on the Pi. A separate server might still be the best idea for more complex services.

December 22, 2020

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