Guide: Build your ob web radio station

With our new DAC+ ADC, you can do all kinds of interesting audio processing. Another idea is it to just use the analogue input to create your own web radio station. With this, you can transmit audio over the network – within your house, or even (with some additional configuration your your Internet router) to the whole internet. What about connecting a microphone and broadcasting the voice of your birds over the Internet (we like birds). Or just be able to listen to the music playing on your record player in another room? We’re sure you have a lot more ideas what you want to broadcast.

While the setup requires the combination of different tools, the main streaming server we’re using in this project is Icecast. As all parts of this project, it is completely open source. The configuration might look a bit complicated, but we’ve created a configuration that will just work. If you like, you can still tweak the settings.

Check out the guide!



January 31, 2019

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