Important news on compatibility with the Raspberry Pi 3

Update 16.03.16: The bug in the Raspberry Pi drivers has been fixed. All drivers now work perfectly. The Bluetooth-workaround is no longer necessary.

Dear customers,

We are happy to inform you that most of our boards already work with the new Raspberry Pi 3. Please note that we are still working on making the Digi+ (both versions) and the DAC+ PRO fully compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3.

Right now the boards only work correctly if you disable the Bluetooth option. It looks like this is caused by a conflict with the Bluetooth chip of the Raspberry Pi 3. We’re working closely together with the Raspberry Pi developers to find a solution as fast as possible. However, at this time it is not clear if there is a hardware conflict on the Raspberry Pi 3 or this can be fixed by upgrading the firmware.

As many of you won’t use the Bluetooth connectivity, the following workaround should work for most of you. You need to add the line


to /boot/config.txt (the file might be located somewhere else if you’re using a distribution different from Raspbian)

If you have any ideas or questions, please discuss them in our forum. We will support you as well as we can.

Kind regards

Founder HiFiBerry


March 10, 2016

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