Designing speaker crossovers and filters without SigmaStudio

When we developed the Beocreate 4 channel amplifier, we decided not to give users just a set up pre-defined DSP settings they can change, but the freedom to create their own programs for the DSP. We think, this is one major advantage of our DSP solutions – you can design your own DSP programs and push those to the DSP over the network (no fiddling around with USB programming adapters or similar).

However, some users asked us if they really do need to use SigmaStudio to design their own speaker crossovers. While SigmaStudio is a very powerful design tool for DSP programs, it can be a bit overwhelming for new users. It also requires a Windows PC.

So, we’re now publishing a new toolkit that allows you to create your own crossovers and equalisations without the need to create your own DSP profile. It is called “dsptoolkit” and as the rest of the software for our DSP boards, it is fully open source. You can find it at github.

We also created a small guide how to create speaker crossovers. Check it out! We’re looking for your feedback!

We’ll include the dsptoolkit in the upcoming Beocreate and Raspbian images.

July 20, 2018

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