c’t tests Raspberry Pi sound cards

c-t-7-2015-4018837006504-ecc“If you own a good stereo or powered speakers, a board as the HiFiBerry DAC(+) is definitely worth the money.”

With more then 280.000 subscribers, c’t from Heise is probably the one of the most famous IT magazines in Europe and the biggest in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The current edition 7/2015 contains a test, reviewing the most popular sound interfaces for the Raspberry Pi. The only boards that got the highest ratings for sound quality are the HiFiBerry DAC and DAC+ boards. They are recommended, if you are looking for high-end sound quality from the Raspberry Pi based media center.

The current issue can be purchased as a print issue or for your iOS or Android tablet.
c’t 2015/07

March 9, 2015

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