New in February release of HiFiBerryOS: Radio

Our February release of HiFiBerryOS comes with a feature: web radio support. We think, listening to radio stations is still the best way to learn about new music. With web radio stations you’re not limited to local radio stations anymore. Just listen to any station you like.
You only want to listen to your favorite station and you don’t care about the others? No problem: Just save it as a favorite and your can start it with a single mouse click.
If you’re already running HiFiBerryOS, just upgrade and find the new radio feature under “sources”.

One feature that we’re proud of: Even with web radio stations, you will get track data and cover images. You can also still press the “LOVE” button to add a song to your Last.FM loved tracks.

Other important features are:

  • Room acoustics measurements (we’ll write more about this in the next time)
  • Improved equalizer/crossover for DSP boards
  • LaMetric metadata support
  • Rotary controller support

February 24, 2020

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