Introducing the AMP2: More power, higher sample rates, more affordable

One of our main goals at HiFiBerry is to offer great quality at a reasonable price. Bringing new products to the market is always fun, but we also enjoy making existing products even better.

This time, we decided to put our hands on one of your favorite products: The HiFiBerry Amp.

The new AMP2 comes with up to 60W output power. This means it is one louder! Not only does it have more output power for your speakers, it also provides more power to the Raspberry Pi. This means you can now also power additional components like a display. In addition to that, with its 192kHz/24bit maximum sample rate it is HD audio ready. The new Amp2 is designed to drive a pair of 4-8 Ohm speakers. So practically every passive speaker on the market will work with the Amp2.

The operating voltage range increased to 12-24V which allowed you to use a wider range of power supplies. With the new Amp2 you can use these now. If you connect 4 Ohm speakers, we still recommend a range of 12-18V.

Note: There are laptop chargers on the market (a user has informed us that about HP and Dell models) that are marked with an output voltage between 19-20V, but the effective output voltage can be higher as there is  some kind of voltage negotiation between the laptop and the power adapter. We can’t verify each power supply on the market, therefore we recommend this Meanwell power adapter. However, in general other power supplies will also work fine as long as the output voltage is stable and within the 12-24V limit under all conditions.

As if that wasn’t already awesome enough, let’s take it one step further. We not only improved the product, we even lowered down the price as well, to make setting up your new audio system a truly joyful experience! The AMP2 is available from now on in our web shop.


October 4, 2017

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