HiFiBerryOS: What’s going on?

You might have noticed that there haven’t been updates on HiFiBerryOS for some time.

The most important new features will be:

Support for the Pi Zero 2

The Pi Zero 2 is a lot more powerful than the old Pi Zero and slowly becomes available again. The next release will fully support it. However as with the Pi 3A+ the memory on this board is very limited at 512MB. Therefore it will only be able to act as a simple player and won’t be able to run additional functions like driving a locally connected HDMI display

64-bit support for Pi3 and Pi4

You might say: I don’t care. As most Pi’s still use less than 4GB RAM, there isn’t really the need for a 64bit OS. However, when using additional software via Docker, today it is sometimes easier to find software for 64bit architecture. This will enable developers to easier add software.

Extension system

Talking about adding software: For some times HiFiBerryOS supports Docker containers to install additional software. With the new extension system, it will be easier to install and deploy these. In the first step, this will be a feature that mostly addresses developers and there won’t be an interface in the UI to add extensions. However, if we see enough interest from developers, we will probably provide a way also for inexperienced users to install extensions.
There will be one pretty cool extension coming with the next release – stay tuned!


August 10, 2023

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