Reporting problems

Something isn’t working correctly?  We know this can be frustrating and we’re trying to help as much as possible to help. However, as there can be all kinds of problems, it’s important to use the right channel to make sure the problem can be fixed soon.

Hardware problems

From our experience, most so-called hardware problems aren’t really hardware problems, but often configuration issue. First have a look at our documentation section and check if you configured the system correctly. If you’re not already use HiFiBerryOS, write it to another SD card, boot and and check if the hardware is detected correctly and working. Even if your don’t plan to sue HiFiBerryOS (you don’t have to), we want you to use it for testing for s simple reason: We know it’s working with all of our sound cards and it should detect these automatically.
If this also doesn’t work: contact us.

Issues with HiFiBerryOS

Post your questions in our community area! Note that there is no individual support for HiFiBerryOS. We hope you will understand that we can’t also provide individual support for this free software. Please DO NOT send questions to our support email or our support form. Use the community area for questions. If you think you found a bug, you can also file a bug report.

Problems with 3rd party software

Contact the developers of the software that isn’t working correctly. In most cases, we can’t help with this. However, we will support the developers of 3rd party software if they need any help from us. They can also contact us if they need any help figuring out the root cause of a specific issue.

Driver bugs

While it’s rare, there are sometimes kernel bugs. Other than with systems like Windows, there is no simple separation between a “OS kernel” and “drivers”. The driver is not “our code”, but a bunch of code created by hundreds of peoples that work on the Linux kernel. Drivers for our sound cards are integral parts of the official Raspberry Pi kernel. If you think, you found a kernel bug, we recommend to first check if you’re using the latest updates. The bug might have been fixed already in a newer version. If you’re running the latest version, try an older one. Sometimes, new kernel versions introduce new bugs. The better you can describe the problem, the better the chance that somebody can fix it. When you can clearly describe the problem, file a bug report on Github. This way, the kernel maintainers can have a look at this. We’re working closely together. If they think the bug is in some of the code that we have been contributed, they will contact us and we’ll help fixing this.

May 4, 2022

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