HiFiBerry’s measurement microphone is available now

You might know already that HiFiBerryOS includes a room acoustics optimiser. It can measure the frequency response at your listening position and create correction filters for our DSP-equipped boards.

However, most users do not have a measurement microphone available. We have been in contact with multiple manufacturers to find a microphone that both works well, but it also still affordable. And here it is now:

The microphone connects via USB. While we selected it specifically to work with the Raspberry Pi, it will also work with your PC or Mac. This allows you to even use tools like REW if you feel you need more control over the acoustics optimiser or you want to use it for other stuff like developing your own speaker crossovers.

Why do you need a specific measurement microphone? Because the requirements for recording audio and audio measurements are different. Have a look at our comparison.

We don’t sell a microphone stand with it, but we recommend to use one. As these are quite bulky and heavy, shipping it world-wide would be more expensive than the stand itself. Therefore, we recommend to contact a local store for musicians. They should have plenty of options available for little money.

August 6, 2020

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