Audio 359 Set One includes HiFiBerry

audio359-main-1600Audio 359, is a boutique web shop and just announced its first product. The Audio 359 Set One is a complete, high quality music playback system that can handle all your digital music. It consists of 3 components: a pair of active, compact monitor style speakers, matching stands and an autonomous player/streamer with dedicated high resolution HiFiBerry DAC+.

The system combines AudioEngine’s top of the line A5+ Premium Powered Speakers and NorStone Design’s Stylum 3 Stands. The Audio 359 player/streamer is based on open hardware and open software, carefully constructed out of perfectly matching components, fully assembled, configured and tested for a true plug & play experience. It claims to work together with all your existing devices, computers, tablets and smartphones, playing music stored on them or streamed through them. The player also operates fully autonomous, playing the music stored locally on its 64 Gb USB stick, or streaming network streams directly. Using the HiFiBerry DAC+ it can play back HD Audio up to 192 kHz / 24 bit resolution. The unit runs the Volumio dedicated & customised OS.

The result is audiophile sound with natural bass and real stereo – digital convenience with full remote control of a complete & autonomous system.

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April 16, 2015

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