HiFiBerryOS 64

There’s a small gift for HiFiBerryOS users at the end of this year. We’re proud to have the first working version of our upcoming HiFiBerryOS 64 ready.

There are some major changes to previous HiFiBerryOS releases:

  • Only one version that runs on all 64bit Pi’s – including the Pi5. Thois is the first version of HiFiBerryOS that supports the Pi5.
  • Plugin system that will allow an easier installation of customs code. This is based on docker, but we added more functionality to allow plugins to also add functionality to the GUI
  • Full support for 64bit memory (>4GB) and instruction set

This version is an early development snapshot. While we’re already using it here in the office, there are probably still a lot of bugs in it. Also the Pi5 support is still in the early stages. Here are some of the known issues of this release:

  • WiFi not working on all Pi’s
  • No GUI on a display connected directly to the Pi5
  • No support for any GPIO functionality (including HiFiBerry power controller) on the Pi5

There are probably more bugs. Therefore, we ask for your help! Please try this version and report bugs on Github.

As the new system uses a different layout on the SD card, you can’t upgrade from an existing HiFiBerryOS release. Download the image from Github and install it on a new SD card.

December 18, 2023

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