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Holzdesign Zaus

The German company Holzdesign Zaus produces different products made artisanal from wood. To minimize the impact on the environment, they use only traceable, locally found wood, be it recycled from an old dismantled barn or a tree broken during the last storm. This is their first range of loudspeakers, incorporating the same philosophy, and powered by a HiFiBerry Amp+ .

What was the company's idea?

The new loudspeaker line of Holzdesign Zaus should follow the same philosophy as their other products: Made artisanal from locally sourced, traceable wood. At the same time it should be an easy-to-use and fun-to-listen device with the possibility to playback directly different music sources.

What support did HiFiBerry provide?

Holzdesign Zaus uses HiFiBerry’s standard Amp+, since it gives them the possibility to implement an easy controllable audio player which sounds great, for an affordable price even for a small batch, artisanal manufacturing.

The player is controlled remotely and runs on Max2Play software. Power switches and some connectors are accessible from the backside, leaving the front to the pure wood.

Company Details


Hafendeck 1
95199 Thierstein