You don’t need a special distribution to use our HiFiBerry products with your Raspberry Pi. The drivers are already included in the most distributions. However, configuring can sometimes be tricky for the inexperiences user. Therefore we provide a little tool to help you writing a distribution of your choice to an SD and and configure it.

HiFiBerry Installer

Other downloads

  • Raspbian
    This is a standard Raspbian Lite. It has been modified to automatically detect and configure of the HiFiBerry DAC+, Digi+ and Amp+.
    Note that auto-detection isn’t supported for the DAC+ Zero, Lite and the MiniAmp.
    Username: pi
    Password: hifiberry
  • Roon client
    This is a Roon client. You still need to run Roon Core on a PC or Mac.
    Our Roon client supports the HiFiBerry DAC+ Standard and Pro, Digi+ and Amp+.
    DAC+ Zero, Lite and the MiniAmp are not supported.